Keywords : Goiter

Histological study of thyroid gland in cases of non toxic goiter

Dr. Khalida I. Noel

Kerbala Journal of Medicine, 2012, Volume 5, Issue 12, Pages 1438-1445

Background: non toxic goiter is a prevalent thyroid pathology worldwide characterized by unilateral or bilateral thyroid enlargement which arises due to many factors affects the thyroid tissue.
Objective: To determine the histological findings observed in non toxic goiter of the resected thyroid tissue in Mosul city.
Materials & Methods: Patients were classified according to the preoperative clinical diagnosis into those with non toxic multinodular goiter & those with solitary thyroid nodules, preoperative clinical diagnosis was confirmed by Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology. Postoperatively the thyroid tissue biopsies were collected and fixed in 10% formaline, processed & stained with Haematoxylline & Eosin for histological analysis.
Results: non toxic goiter is more common in female than male. Specimens obtained from patients presented with multinodular goiter showed variable sized thyroid follicles, huge follicles were filled with colloid and lined by flattened epithelial cells, most of the nodules were not encapsulated. Specimens obtained from follicular adenoma showed well developed microfollicles with intact fibrous thin capsule. Degenerative changes in the stromal tissue such as haemorrhge , fibrosis & even calcification were present in some of the cases. If hyperthyroidism associated with a discrete swelling it indicates a manifestation of toxic multinodular goiter. Solitary thyroid nodule was observed as a hard, irregular swelling with apparent unusual fixity associated with scanty normal follicular cells together with colloid.
Conclusion: Incidence of multinodular goiter in Mosul city is more in female than male & in both sexes it increases between 20 to 50 years of age.